New tripod to go with my DSLR?

Posted March 20th, 2014 by admin

It’s about time to get a tripod for serious photo picture taking. I’m hoping to get a flexible light and affordable camera tripod. There are many options out there including gitzo and manfrotto but these brands are on the higher end in terms of quality and price. There other alternatives and they seem to look fairly good as well. Ideally the tripod should have legs that can be locked and extendable.

Other than material type, I’m also deciding between ball-head type and pan head type. Ball head type seems to be more flexible but pan tilt type seem to be less costly. I’ve also looked at plastic tripod but they don’t seem to work well with heavy camera. Another part to look into is the tripod mount. For travel tripod, this site offers plenty of tips and tricks.

Other features I also consider are water proof and heat resistant. I’m been doing plenty of research online and there are several great sites to look for reviews to compare across the tripods.

New vs Used Camera Lenses?

Posted February 8th, 2014 by admin

I love photography and it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I always debate to buy new lenses or buy used lenses online. A new one is quite expensive and since film cameras are no longer in production, I don’t see the prices coming down for vintage cameras or the lenses in the short to medium term. If buying a second hand lenses, there are various concerns include whether there are scratches, molds, dents and missing accessories.

tilt lens

Due to the mentioned reasons, it is quite difficult and risky to buy online. It may be worthwhile to buy from reputed or top rated sellers if buying online such as ebay. At least there is some kind of buyer protection in place. However, extreme caution and care must be taken to ensure the lenses do not have any hidden issues. This cannot be seen until the lenses have been shipped. Many highly reputed sellers care a lot about their feedback so purchasing from these sellers will be less risky.

Landscape Portrait

Posted January 9th, 2014 by admin

Taking pictures outdoor is not that easy. Numerous equipments are used including camera tripod and nd filter to achieve the best effects. These tools or accessories can help reduce the shakiness of the camera while camera filter can control the amount of light source which can result in a clearer and sharper image even when the photo is taken through water or through a class.

Photography is really an art and it takes a lot of trial and error to see what works best. There are many film cameras to choose from and with different mount, one can switch from several lenses to achieve the image quality or effect that they want. Film cameras are quite rare nowadays and major and well known companies are no longer produce these cameras. Typical brands include Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica and Minolta.

Photography is an expensive hobby. If the lenses are broken, it will not be easy and simple to fix. Repair can be very costly and finding an experienced and knowledgeable repairman is also difficult.

Besides camera lenses, nd filters are often used. Trusted brands include Lee and Hoya.

Not sleeping well

Posted January 6th, 2014 by admin

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and there can be many reasons. The first one include not eating properly and have an abnormal sleeping schedule. Daily stress can also impact the sleeping cycle especially when there is overtime work.

In terms of diet, there are plenty of things to eat that will help falling asleep quicker as well as normalize sleeping pattern. These food include dairy products such as milk and banana as well as poultry such as chicken and turkey. Turkey contains a great deal of tryptophan and so does milk.

If natural food and fruits do not help, one can try going to pharmacies and get supplements. These include melatonin and 5-htp. Vitamins such as Vitamin B also indirectly help by lowering stress.